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EduNova: Effective Learning For The Global Economy

Husband and wife executives aim to prepare students for the future

For years we have heard how American students lag behind their counterparts in other fast-growing economies in skills they need to compete globally. Rick and Teena Kamal, husband and wife executives and founders of EduNova, built their business to reverse that trend.

The pair teamed up with education experts from Stanford, Boston and Duke universities, the University of Chicago and MIT, to create MCS3 - The Most Complete Student Success System. With three editions for students in middle school, high school and college, it's a complete program for students to learn study strategies, master all types of tests and get better grades.

Rick and Teena were motivated to create this system, which has won multiple consumer awards, based on their extensive corporate hiring experience and their concern as parents for the future of America. As senior executives in multiple high tech and financial firms, they interviewed literally thousands of job applicants and brought hundreds on board with their companies.

"One thing we constantly found was that people were not prepared to enter the workforce with the types of skills they need to succeed," Rick says.

Many employees, they found, lacked "fundamental skills and strategies you would have expected people to learn in school, which would have made them much more successful in their academic careers and prepared them to be highly successful in their professional careers."

"We realize that attitude is 50 percent of the game here, if not more," Teena says. "We realize you need to hire people who are both go-getters and who have the skill sets – that's a winning combination."

Collaborating with top universities and senior executives, they developed MCS3 to focus on 30 key skills valued by educators and employers with multi million dollar firms. These skills encompass critical areas such as goal-setting, time management, task prioritization, stress management, conflict management, influence and negotiation.

"Students don't learn about decision-making models and yet they make important decisions every day," Teena says. "This is one of the skills that has to be developed for success."

MCS3 received the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA™) Seal of Approval in 2012, and is winner of a 2012 Mom's Best Award and The Mom's Choice Awards® in 2012. It's based upon thorough research into what motivates students of different ages and abilities. Used by 61,300 students in 373 colleges and 1,312 schools in 82 countries, it teaches students how to excel by learning crucial life skills that translate into superior academic performance and satisfying, fulfilling careers.

"These are those skills that will help you do better in school, in college, at work, and in life," Rick says. "And most importantly, they'll help you make those transitions from middle school to high school; from high school to college; and from college to the workforce."

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