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6 Job Skills Students Miss

From their 20+ year careers in the finance, high tech, and educational consultant industries, Rick and Teena found that many job applicants are not prepared for the workforce. They discuss the critical skills that many students are missing.

Testy About Tests? 4 Ways to Study Best

Rick and Teena discuss the most effective ways to teach and motivate students of all ages the study and life skills they need to succeed at school and in careers.

Tech Screens & Student Setbacks

Rick and Teena discuss how much time young people spend today watching TV, playing computer games and texting, how it is affecting their ability to focus, and what parents can do to help students better manage their time.

Cradle to College: America Gets a "C"

From their experience hiring employees from around the globe, Rick and Teena explain in their view why many American students are falling behind those from other nations in math, science and other critical skills.

3 Study Skills to Cope with Change

From their work consulting for and with top universities, the Kamals discuss the skills students need to succeed in school, in college and in work – and what students need to know to transition smoothly from one challenge to the next.

Need to Prioritize? List What to Ignore

How do the most successful executives, entrepreneurs and employees manage their time? Rick and Teena share top time-taming tips from their careers and research.

Students + Study Space = Success

Rick and Teena share tips for students to create the best environment for studying.

Stumped? Try These 6 Genius Strategies

Rick and Teena reveal these strategies that will empower anyone for lifelong success in school and business.

"A" for Awards

The Most Complete Student Success System (MCS3) by EduNova received the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA™) Seal of Approval in 2012, and is winner of a 2012 Mom's Best Award and The Mom's Choice Awards® in 2012. Rick and Teena explain how they developed the system to help students earn better grades and learn life skills critical for success in school and careers.

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